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The Thousand and One Nights
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Experience the overflowing bounty of the worlds greatest collection of folk myths and fairy tales Shehrzad was a priestess of the psyche secure in her science. The wonderful ease with which she gave not the best of her tales the opening night, yet enough to pique the invalid kings interest, is one of the subtleties of the collection. Her understanding of the paradoxology of fate was transferred to King Shehriyars morbid intellect little by little (never more at a time than a self-righteous tyrant could assimilate), until, in the end, what was there left in the world for him to resist or not to love? - Joseph Campbell, Foreword, The Thousand and One Nights Translated by John Payne and edited by famed mythologist Joseph Campbell, The Thousand and One Nights appears here in its unexpurgated, bountious glory. From well-known tales like The Fisherman and the Jinni and The Seven Voyages of Sinbad to hundreds of less well known stories, Shehrzads entertainments are sure to ravish, awe, and astonish even the most jaded reader. (Arabian and Persian literature, folktales and mythology. 1.2 million words; 116 illustrations)

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Tokaido (engl.)
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Welcome to the Tokaido, the legendary East Sea Road connecting Kyoto to Edo. Here you will begin an extraordinary journey during which you will discover a thousand marvels for the first time.Be sure to take the time to contemplate the sumptuous vistas before you: the majestic mountains, peaceful coastland, and vast rice paddies Let the brushstrokes of nature be an anchor for your memories.Appreciate the beneficial stopovers that punctuate your path, the restorative tranquility of the hot springs, and the countless culinary delicacies that will astonish your palate.Bundle together with your belongings delightfully unexpected souvenirs, from the most modest to the most sophisticated, that you gather from surprising encounters that may change the course of your travels.Time will be your best means to remain clear-sighted, methodical, and patient so that you dont miss anything on this unique route but instead can fully savor the experience the Tokaido has to offer!

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