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Peterhof Park and the Catherine Palace group to...
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Choose our exciting excursions to these two wonderful places that will please your eyes and soul with amazing architecture and nature.Peterhof Gardens and PalaceGorgeous sculptural compositions, stately palaces and well-kept parks - almost all of this was designed by Peter the Great, who decided to found his suburban residence here many years ago but this place manage to astonish its visitors even now.Catherine’s PalaceThe Catherine’s Palace is located in the place called Pushkin. It is a former imperial palace, the official summer residence of three Russian monarchs, a masterpiece of Russian baroque of the XVIII century. Walk through the large park around the Residence and enjoy fresh air and beauty of the nature.A visit to the Amber Room - the “eighth wonder of the world” will become a cherry on the cake. This place has a special historical value, the fate of which is shrouded in thousands of secrets

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