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Zadar City Tour - Rome vs.Venice Group Walk
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This 90-100 min Walking Tour introduces you to 2 big governments that determined the shape and appearance of Zadar today. Roman Empire and Venetian Republic. Their architecture, legacy and heritage outlived almost everything in this town. Roman heritage in Zadar will astonish you with its endurance and Venetian with firmness.We walk 90-100 min rain or shine no matter what. Dress accordingly, bring umbrella or a raincoat if needed. We don't enter any Museum or Church.But don’t think for a minute that we’ll skip other very important facts and living proofs of other Kingdoms, Unions, Monarchies and their governments. If we observe the city from the perspective of architecture, preserved monuments and the overall inherited image after the Romans, then, we must say that Venetian Republic isn’t far behind, at all. On the contrary, Venetian Republic is responsible for achieving the status of a city with UNESCO heritage from July 2017.

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