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Chester Music Holst G. - The Planets - Piano
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This is the first time that a version of Gustav Holst´s The Planets for solo Piano has been published. In this glorious publication, the emotional rollercoaster that is this seven-movement orchestral suite can be played on a single Piano, with those crashing chords and textural melodies sounding just fantastic on the solo keys.Originally scored for two pianos and four hands, this epic orchestral work continues to astound and astonish audiences around the world, even a century after Holst begun work on the first movement, Mars, the Bringer of War. This volume allows the solo pianist to emulate those glorious melodies, wonderful harmonies and dynamic rhythms, bringing the wonder of The Planets to the keys.This unique arrangement of The Planets reduces the entire orchestra to just a solo Piano, with some fingering hints throughout. The lovely engraving is an absolute pleasure to read from, and the sound of those thunderous rhythms and sweet melodies sounds absolutely brilliant coming from the purity and clarity of a solo Piano. With all seven movements included in this The Planets sheet music, you´ll be able to learn Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, in the entire work that´s sometimes thunderous, occasionally calm, often bombastic but always beautiful.With the full-colour astrophotography of the cover, the detailed, accurate and clear engraving and the inherent uniqueness of such an arrangement befits the timeless and enduring achievement of a work like this. The compositional history and musical qualities of The Planets are fascinating, and the lengthy introduction details the rhythms, the harmonies and the personality that Holst injected into his work, so you can learn about this glorious work before delving into the stunning arrangement of each of the seven movements.For the first time, the epic and vast work of art that is Gustav Holst´s The Planets has been arranged for solo Piano, so you can play the entirety of these seven movements as a single pianist, incorporating all of the atmospheric dynamics and universal themes into the keys.

Stand: Dec 13, 2018
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Vox Vdl1 Dynamic Looper
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Create, play, and dynamically control looped phrases in real time!The new VOX Dynamic Looper provides optimized effects and musical loop tools that together promise unprecedented new dimensions in live performance!As a group, guitarists have always been noted for exploring new sounds and developing unexpected performance techniques that astonish and delight the listener. This in turn has fueled a vast array of equipment designed to stimulate and inspire the guitarist´s creativity. The VOX Dynamic Looper is just such a product, ideal for the guitarist who seeks this type of new expressive power. Combining versatile effects, two independent loops, and intuitive ´´wah-style” footpedal control, the Dynamic Looper allows the player to develop their sound in nearly limitless ways. Just plug in, and you´ll be creating phrases you never dreamed of, and enjoying the dramatic new world of loop performance techniques. • Loop Pedal Processor offering intuitive footpedal control • Infinite recording time using two independent loops (combined loop length up to 90 seconds) • Add infinite layers with SOS recording capabilities • Loop Quantize creates specific beat-length phrases that automatically loop on the beat • 11 Pre Effects enhance and morph your instrument’s sound as you play & record loops • Pre Effects include instrument simulations such as bass and acoustic guitar • 11 Loop Effects radically transform the playback of looped phrases • 100 programs (50 preset, 50 user); each offers settings for the Pre Effect and Loop Effect • Overdubbing with undo and redo capabilities • Resample by adding new material onto a phrase being processed by the Loop Effect • Mic input for creating loops using other sources; such as vocals or percussion • Master Limiter maintains a consistent level between the original source and all loops • Three stop modes – clean, delay, and fade – provide more loop playing creativity • Key Lock function locks the panels controls but maintains the pedals for error-free performances

Stand: Nov 23, 2018
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